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In the Quantum Dynamics workshop you will learn a processing tool that allows you to reduce stress, release upsets, emotional blocks, and trauma in 10 seconds or less.  It addresses, clears and balances all the chakras and bodies, particularly the emotional.  It targets your emotions from tapes/programs of the past and allows us to re-vibrate them into energy and light.  QD will assist you in identifying negative subconscious programs and patterns. Using these techniques, core decisions manifesting as recurrent emotional, behavioral and eventually physical illness patterns will be converted to energy; with more energy you can create more of what you want and desire in your life.  Things like being a better wife, mother, person, etc.; being able to help clients more effectively and faster; heal yourself and others; or create the relationship or job you have always wanted.  It creates a little miracle every time you use it! 

QD is activated in the body with an attunement.  Sacred symbols are impressed upon the subconscious mind by the Reiki Master using the energy known as Shakti in Sanskrit.  The sacred symbols and the power of the spoken word and breath are used in this tool to convert upsets and emotional blocks to energy. The attunement creates a battery pack of support for you and for you to use with others.

The first part of the workshop is discussion and questions and answers about how the conscious and subconscious minds work with matter and energy to create mental and emotional blocks and heaviness, and how letting go of these upsets increases life force.  You will then receive the QD attunement.

In the second part you receive the tool for releasing without dramatization.  Then you’ll practice by remembering old blocks or upsets and releasing them.  You will also practice noticing how this new freed-up energy feels in your body.  This tool may be used on yourself or on someone else like a family member, client or friend.

    Some ways you can use QD to improve your life:

  • Use daily to release upsets and feel better immediately
  • Use as a processing tool to release past traumas and old blocked emotions to increase your energy and sense of well-being

The more you clear your subconscious mind of negative programs and tapes the more energy you have to create what you want in your life.

The workshop takes about 4 – 6 hours, depending on the size of the group.

CEU’s approved by the NM Counseling and Therapy Board and Social Work Board.

In addition to the Quantum Dynamics workshops, individual trainings and attunements are available upon request.

To request a training or attunement, please contact me.



Quantum Dynamics was given to master teacher Jim Dvorak during a shamanic journey on April of 1983.

Jim related how he received Quantum Dynamics in the following way:

“In 1983 I had an emotional upset that I could not clear. I went into a shamanic journey (deep meditation) on the third day and asked my guides for help in releasing the upset. At that point my guides took me to a place on the planet where I received the information. When I came back from the meditation, I realized that the upset was gone. I went back and reviewed the information again and came back to consciousness and wrote it down and practice with it for a few weeks. As a result of having this upset and getting the amazing technique, I realized that this was a potential tool that I could teach other people to assist them in releasing upsets.”

He called the tool Quantum Dynamics and from then on taught it to thousands of people. Now there are more than 45 Quantum Dynamics teachers and tens of thousands of recipients around the world successfully using this wonderful process.

How Does Quantum Dynamics work?
Quantum pertains to a specific amount and dynamics pertains to energy.  So, what this tool does is that it converts specific amount of upset and emotional blocks into energy every time you use it.  It always converts the same amount.

Normally, the superconscious mind, which is where all energy comes from (infinite power), goes through the subconscious mind before it comes to the conscious mind.  The energy from the superconscious mind is not readily available for most people due to the amount of blockages in the form of negative programs, blocked emotions, limiting beliefs, etc., in the subconscious mind.  QD connects the superconscious mind directly to the conscious mind while you are using the tool, so all the energy from your superconscious mind becomes available for your conscious mind to use to release the upset and convert the mental and emotional mass (upset) to energy. So it makes the tool extremely powerful.  The more you use QD the more energy you have.  With more energy you can create more of what you want and desire in your life.  Things like being a better wife, mother, person, etc.; being able to help clients more effectively and faster, heal yourself and others; or create the relationship or job you have always wanted.

What is an Upset?
Emotion is the power which attracts. Emotion is energy in motion.  When we move energy, you create effect.  Emotions need movement and they want to go higher, like to cheerfulness, action, enthusiasm, and serenity of being.  They get held down by things like decisions and programs.  When emotions are held down they do not feel very good.  As we hold down layer upon layer over the years they can feel so bad that we can get physical symptoms.  Emotions are part of our life force and when we hold them down we stop energy.

An upset is a combination of an old negative decision and an old stuck emotion.  The old decision holds the emotion down.  QD releases the decision instantly and allows the emotion to move.  After the release you can actually feel it in your body. You will feel lighter and will have more freedom than you had since the upset started.

An upset also occurs when two or more conflicting thoughts are playing on any subject and at least one of them has an emotion attached to it that is below rage. If we have only one thought/emotion about a subject, it will be created in our outer reality very quickly, even if the thought was below consciousness.

Jim Dvorak gave the following example of what an upset is in most of his workshops:

”If we have 30,000 copies of “I love chocolate, it tastes great” stored in the subconscious, by the time we are 12 and we get a zit and someone in authority tells us it is from eating chocolate and we are having hate and embarrassment (confusion and shame) about our face in the mirror, that too will get attached to chocolate.  Then when we are 17, we read in a magazine that chocolate is the cause of weight gain and by then we have 60,000 copies of “this stuff really does taste great” and 1,000 copies of “shame, hate, confusion.”  Think of what happens when you are 40 and read an article about chocolate and high blood pressure!  Now you can just imagine the kind of crap you will be able to create in your outer reality by the time you are 60 and decide to enjoy some chocolate.  Chocolate is a safe example to begin to understand how an upset may get started and grow over the years.

The real problems occur around sex, money, self acceptance, relationships, drugs, control and authority to name a few of the biggies.  As with chocolate, there are no absolute agreements in our world about most subjects, so there is potential for many upsets in most people’s lives.”

About Jim Dvorak
Jim Dvorak was a nagual, an enlightened and realized spiritual master/teacher, who studied and met with many great teachers and masters around the world.  Very early on Jim made a 100 percent commitment to heal himself and the mother aspect of earth.  He dedicated his whole life to his own healing and the healing of the Will of God, the Mother of everything.  Although Jim was trained and worked as a design engineer, he spent the bulk of his life studying the Science of the Will, Nagual Path work, Ancient Scriptures (Vedas, Puranas and others) and other sciences.  He had an extraordinary knowledge of the workings of the universe and the history of the cosmos.

Prior to the discovery of Quantum Dynamics, Jim learned, practiced and taught many systems of healing.  He learned, practiced and taught, Reiki, Meditation, Rebirthing, Shiatsu, Astrology, Numerology, Tatwas, Kriya and Karma Yoga, the Tarot, Silva Mind Control and many other types of body work, including Alexander Method, Body Acupressure, massage, and more. He attended a year-long spiritual and emotional training with H. Emahmn to specifically learn about the emotional body and how to release emotional blocks.  He spent time with Maha Avatar Haidakhan Babaji, creator of Kriya Yoga, in the Himalayas in 1982, which kept him on his own truth seeking path.

He developed Body Light Seminars which included teaching Quantum Dynamics emotional clearing, Conscious Lucid Dreaming, Women, Sex and the Perfect Man Tape, Tatwas, 12 Steps to Total Freedom, and processing, supporting and assisting thousands of people, especially women in their healing journey; a journey to higher consciousness, truth and total freedom.

Jim’s commitment to healing, wisdom, enthusiasm, incredible ability to recognize his client’s emotional blocks, negative subconscious programs and core beliefs and teaching them how to move them made him one of the most outstanding teachers and emotional processors of his time.

Jim Dvorak completed his work on earth and left his body on July of 2006.  I feel fortunate, blessed and honored to have been his partner and student during his last three and a half years.  His nagual energy, teachings and arduous work touched and helped transformed me and many thousand of people in a very positive and powerful way and even now continues to propel our growth and expansion to even greater states of healing, higher consciousness and wholeness.  And I am grateful.

If you are interested in obtaining Jim Dvorak’s original Quantum Dynamics booklet, “Quantum Dynamics” Productive Conversion of Mass to Energy, published by Haidakhandi Karma Yoga and Peace Center, please contact me with your request. I am asking for small donation to cover the cost of printing and postage and handling.

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